Swaggle : Group text messaging, on-the-fly coordination

Welcome to Swaggle

Swaggle is a simple group text messaging (SMS) service for cellphones. Send one text message to Swaggle, and we'll send it to everyone in your group. When someone responds, that goes to everyone in the group, as well.

Use it to coordinate your evenings on the go, call out for help or just chat.

Swaggle has moved! Please send all messages to 206-954-5264 instead of the old Swaggle number. The old Swaggle number is being de-activated.

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Support Swaggle

Swaggle used to be free, then it got popular. Now we need to buy some more equipment so we can keep it running.

In some cases, we can make exceptions, but the limits are driven partly by our equipment's ability to handle the loads. E-mail us at jordan@swaggle.mobi with questions. Thanks!

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